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Pumpkin Moo Baby

Pre-Order Now! Ships in 3 months. Diaper Free Time Baby Outfit.

Pre-Order Now! Ships in 3 months. Diaper Free Time Baby Outfit.

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Pre-Order Now!!  At the special pre-order pricing! Expected to ship within 3 months. 

Patent Pending-Diaper Free Time Baby Outfit. The worlds first & only diaper free time baby outfit. The easiest way to help prevent & treat diaper rashes. 

One Outfit-Two Ways to Wear! Each Diaper Free Time Baby Outfit comes with: one top, one high waisted pants, & a set of detachable legs. 

Made with the finest Organic Bamboo Fabric. Only the finest for our little pumpkin moos. 

Why We Made This Product: Our little pumpkin moo had horrible chronic diaper rashes. We found the best treatment to help heal & prevent these diaper rashes was regular routine diaper free time. But traditional diaper free time is not fun for babies.

Its uncomfortable- due to outfits being swung up with those zippers, snaps, or buttons pushing on the babies delicate skin.

Its cold-with the babies legs or even whole body exposed.

Its Messy-with pee & poo getting all over whenever the baby moves around.

Its Inconvenient-when every baby should get diaper free time at every diaper change.

So we created the worlds first & only diaper free time outfit that solves the issues of traditional diaper free time. But we didn't stop there! The outfit has a regular wear option so you don't have to worry about changing outfits multiple times a day. This outfit is truly one of kind and made with your family in mind. Your welcome babies of the world...& parents! 

Colors may vary due to computer screens. This is a mock up image. 

Shipping timeframe is an estimate & can change. 

USA designed. Fabric sourced & made in Pakistan. 

FAQs About Our Diaper Free Time Outfit:

Can you use a diaper with the outfit? Yes! Absolutely, a diaper can be worn. The outfit is designed to make diaper free time easier to do...not harder. Diaper off during diaper free time then put the diaper back on when done. 

Do you have to use the detachable legs for the wear Option 1: Diaper free time? Nope, not at all! The outfit is designed to be flexible and easy to use. Every baby is different in their diaper free time preferences. 

How do you control the mess? We recommend using a pad, chux pad, towel, disposable or reusable washcloths, a diaper in the 'open position' or anything absorbent your little pumpkin moo prefers. Place whatever you prefer under the baby during tummy time & play time. The outfit is easily washable when soiled. 

Why is there an option 2: regular wear outfit? Diaper free time isn't all the time. We wanted to make the easiest and most convienent outfit that allows for diaper free time but also could be worn any other time. Company coming over, need to run to the store...remove the detachable legs then place a diaper & the pants on...boom you have a regular outfit. 

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