Ukrainian Parenting Tips to Bring to Your Household

Family, tradition, and community is the center of Ukrainian parenting. Parents in Ukraine believe that it is their responsibility to instill these values in their children and to raise them to be responsible, caring, and productive members of society.

Ukrainian Parenting:

  • Family is the most important aspect in society. Parents provide their children with love, support, and guidance. 
  • Children are expected to respect their parents. 
  • Children help their parents with household chores. 
  • Children should be raised to be strong and independent. 
  • Parenting centers on instilling independence in their children. 
  • Children are raised to think for themselves and make their own decisions. 
  • Children are raised to be compassionate and caring. 
  • Parents believe that children should be taught to be kind and understanding of others. 
  • Children are taught to be helpful at home and in their community. 
  • Parents believe that children should be taught about Ukrainian history, culture, and traditions. 
How to Bring the Ukrainian Parenting Philosophy into Your Household. 
  • Provide your children with structured chores to do around the house. This helps them to learn responsibility and to contribute to the family.
  • Encouraged your children to participate in extracurricular activities. This helps them to develop their interests, talents, and builds community. 
  • Teach your children to be respectful of their elders. This includes teachers, parents, and other authority figures.  


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