Babys First Sick Day Essentials

Babys First Sick Day Essentials

No matter how much I tried to keep my baby safe, germs still found us. We can't live in a bubble, I me I tried. Something so heartbreaking happens when your little pumpkin moo gets ill. The pediatrician wasn't concerned but I sure was. Coughing, sneezing, tired all the time. It's so sad but these products helped baby and me. 

1. Frida Baby Breathe Easy Kit. Includes natural vapor wipes, vapor rub, and organic vapor drops. 

2. Frida Baby Natural Vapor Bath Bombs 10 count. We placed these in the larger tube next to the baby bath tub. 

3. Vicks Warm Moisture Humidifier. Make sure you clean it regularly and thoroughly. It has a little area to place essential oils or one of the Vicks pods. We placed the Frida baby's vapor drops in. 

4. Owlet. I have never been so happy with having purchased the owlet before. I had oxygen saturation and heart rate trends all day & night. 

5. Frida Baby Nasal Aspirator. 

6. Little Remedies Saline Drops, safe for newborns. We would place these drops in one nostril then suck with the nasal aspirator on the other nostril to clean out everything. 

7. Infant Tylenol

8. Seventh Generation Disinfection Spray. Its food surface safe and kills all those germs. 


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