10 Things I did the First 10 Weeks with Baby

10 Things I did the First 10 Weeks with Baby. 
  1. Updated emergency Kit for my car & home. Don't forgot to add everything for the baby. Tip: set a reminder on your phones calendar to update this every 6-12 months. Pack emergency baby clothes in a few sizes up & in varies weather needs. 
  2. Created a trust. It's essential that all your affairs are in order now that you are responsible for a whole other human. 
  3. Updated beneficiaries for all accounts. Bank accounts, retirement funds, life insurance policies. 
  4. Opened a baby savings account at my bank. 
  5. Researched & talked to a financial advisor about 529 college savings account & other options. 
  6. Backed up all my photos & computer on an external hard drive. Tip: Amazon photos app has free unlimited photo storage to their cloud.  
  7. Started baby proofing: baby gates on stairs, window locks, extra door locks, cabinet locks. You definitely can't be too safe. 
  8. Started slowly working out again... after my OB cleared me of course. Stroller walks around town are the best.
  9.  Signed up for a monthly photo book app that prints your photos into an album every month. We use the chatbooks app. It really is fun picking out your favorite photos for the month. 
  10. Organized my calendar to add repeat tasks. For example monthly breeza baby cleaning, owlet cleaning every two weeks. 


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